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    Dec 20 th, 2016
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    A unique gift for the holidays

    One of our users had heard about 3D-printing and wanted to give a special Christmas for one of her customers.

    She knew that she could easily access a 3D-printer from her friend, but creating the 3D-model would take too much time for this full-time designer.

    So she turned to CADhubs and posted a project with an  profile of the customers product as well as dimensions for some Christmas lights that she planned to put inside the product. On top of that she put her URL in the file as well.

    Easy peasy!

    CADhubs users delivered and she found her match for a great price and suddenly she got a STL-file ready for 3D-printing with all her specifications. All within two days.

    Check out the awesome results here and have a happy holidays!

    CAD-file3D-printFinished lights