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    Feb 6 th, 2017
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    Get help with rendering and visualisation

    Putting the last finishing touches to a scene can be really time consuming and difficult to do if you’re not used to it. There’s always a lot of small details and rendering settings to take into calculations. Don’t waste time and money tinkering to infinity!




    We would like to recommend our 3D-experts!

    Create a project, explain what you need help with and watch the bids come in! When you find the perfect match it’s up to you to allow the expert to help you!

    We’ve had experience where users need quick and easy help with their scenes to finish up before final rendering., but have far to little time or expertise to make sure the scene is optimised for their computational performance.  Our experts can help you, according to your budget and needs, optimize your scene before rendering. That could include anything from light-setup, texture-finishing, 3D-props or just general visual communication.

    Take control of your projects and hire an CADexpert! Start your free projects today!


    Stay tuned on tips, tricks, contests and information!

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