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    Fees and Charges

    For Employers

    Project Plans

    CADhubs is free to sign up, post two (2) projects, receive bids from freelancers (CADexperts), review the CADexperts portfolio and discuss the project requirements. If you choose to use another project plan than the free one, we charge you a small project fee (as detailed in the table below).

    Project Employer Project listings Fee
    Free 0€ – 2 projects for 30 days
    Featured 5€ – 1 project (7 days)
    Premium 99€ – 100 projects(365 days)


    For fixed price projects, the accepted bid value is paid at the time a project that has been awarded by you has been accepted by each freelancer you award. You as a Employer does not pay any commission on the project, this is deducted from the payout to the CADexpert (Freelancer). However, to


    At the time of ordering a service (starting a project that has been awarded by you has been accepted by each freelancer you award), employers must provide funds equivalent to the total service price. The payment is protected by the CADhubs Payment System. Only release the payment via the project once you are 100% happy with the work that has been delivered.

    For Freelancers

    Freelancer (“CADexpert”) is free to sign up, create a profile, select skills of projects you are interested in, upload a portfolio, receive project notifications, discuss project details with the employer, and enter contests.

    Optional bid upgrades may be purchased to promote a bid.


    For fixed price projects, if you are awarded a project, and you accept, we charge you a small project fee relative to the value of the selected bid, as an commission for using our service. If you are subsequently paid more than the original bid amount, we will also charge the project fee on any overage payments.

    The Fee is deducted on any payment made out to you.


    Project Plan CADhubs Project Fee
    Free 10% commission on payouts
    Featured 10% commission on payouts
    Premium 10% commission on payouts

    Refunds as Bonus Credit

    In some instances, refund of fees may be done as bonus credit. This bonus may only be used on site, and can not be withdrawn or transferred. The bonus will expire in 90 days from the date of receipt.